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LegacyP7 posted Jun 7, 15

Dear players of SurvivalMC and LinkyCraft,

Unfortunately, the time has come in which we must say goodbye to what has been a great legacy over the past 4 years. What started as a small server in 2011 rose up to become an extremely renowned and famous server under the name LinkyCraft. We have experienced many, many things as a very close community and I am proud to say I've had the opportunity to meet tens of thousands of people from all around the world, and work with some of the most talented individuals I know.

We have collectively made this decision as a result of the downfall of interest in survival Minecraft and the lack of passion expressed from staff and players alike. This steady decline has resulted in the loss of players, donations and love for SurvivalMC. As a result, the server was unable to fund itself monetarily and was simply not profitable enough to hold host to just a few players at a time.

I am deeply upset that this is the way it must end, as I am sure many of you are too. However, the entire staff team and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your committment and love for our shared creation over the years. 

On a happier note, please post some of your favourite LinkyCraft and SurvivalMC memories in our thread!

The server will be closing in one week (there is a timer on the right side of the site).

capt_fordo Welp, Linkycraft had it's moments, you all had your long go, now do something else.

A new entry level donation rank has been added to the shop: Citizen!

For only $9.99, this ranks gives the owner of it the ability to:

Set their own nickname

Use farm animal disguises

Use almost any items as a hat with /hat

More perks are being added soon. As a sneak peak:

Member and Premium ranks will receive these perks as well.

We also introduced donation goals. When the monthly goal is reached, the whole server will be rewarded.

From now till the end of April 2015, if a total of $100 is reached, the base rewards of all jobs will be double in the first 2 weeks of May for everyone on the server! If $200 is reached, the reward will be extended to the whole month of May.

With the current Easter Sale, grab your chance to get the Citizen rank for only $6.49!

tWizT3d_dreaMr Ooh, the exitement. I am looking forward to seeing some players with the tag [C] ...

Hello SurvivalMC!

We'd like to start by wishing you all a Happy Easter! 
In the spirit of the time of the year, we thought we'd make it extra special by having a 35% Sale until Monday 20th April!

Make sure you buy your ranks and upgrades quickly!

We're also happy to announce that SurvivalMC now has its very own Facebook page (Twitter coming soon)!

You will be able to have early and exclusive access to things such as:
- News
- Sales
- Events
- Competitions
Head over and like the page now!

We have a new addition to the shop which is coming very soon! Judging from our image, what do you think it might be?

UPDATE: Moderator applications are now closed. Thank you to all who applied!

Moderator applications are now open!

We are looking for mature and active players that love to help the community.

Are you 13 years or older?

Have you been registered for over 2 weeks?

Then you can apply here.

Good luck!

You can now get free money and iron ingots for taking two minutes to vote for SurvivalMC!

Voting helps us get new players and grow as a server! It only takes two minutes, and you can vote every 24 hours.

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